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Avicenna Südtirol Service

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Avicenna Südtirol Service was founded in December 2016. Its main goal was to provide, in accordance with a convention, healthcare qualified professionals to bridge the need of personnel in medical ward facilities and services (public or private) and residential facilities (old age homes, long-stay care, assisted living facilities,  group homes). Avicenna Südtirol Service has the purpose to provide trained sanitary personnel for medium or long-term periods in case of understaffing or even in emergency (personnel sick leave,  maternity leave, personnel holiday coverage).


Our main goal

The goal of all professionals cooperating with Avicenna Südtirol Service is to provide a qualified medical and professional answer to the requirements of healthcare staff needs.


Our professional doctors

We have a network of medical figures endowed with specific skills in their scope, with postgraduate specialization and with years of professional experience in the field. They are all selected according to the principle of excellence and attested experience.


Applying for the inclusion in the list of our professionals

All doctors interested in the inclusion in the list of our professionals may apply by sending an email to segreteria@avicennasüdtirol.it


Please, click here to download the application form